President Trump put the lives of millions of people-- who have lived, worked, and contributed to our communities and economy for years--in limbo when he ended their legal right to stay in the country.

We fought back and now there's a bill to protect Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and Liberians with Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) from deportation and being separated from their families--the Dream and Promise Act of 2019!

Here are a few ways you can TAKE ACTION to protect families.

Quick links:

  1. Join the fight
  2. Call your senators
  3. Click-to-tweet to show your support
  4. Watch and share stories

Join the fight

Sign the petition to demand your elected officials provide permanent protection for Dreamers and people with TPS and DED. Or text DREAM to 802495.

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Call your senators

Tell the person answering the phone that you want your senator to support the Dream and Promise Act to provide Dreamers and people with TPS and DED permanent protection and a roadmap to citizenship: 1-888-204-8353

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Click-to-tweet to show your support

Show your support for the Dream and Promise Act. Tweet to your followers.

#DreamAndPromiseAct would provide permanent protections for Dreamers, TPS & DED holders who have spent years building this country. That's why I'm joining @iAmericaAction in the fight for #DreamAndPromiseNow

Treating people with dignity & keeping families together benefits the economy & our nation as a whole. Join me in fighting for permanent protections for Dreamers and people with TPS & DED: #DreamAndPromiseNow @iAmericaAction

#DreamAndPromiseAct would allow members of our communities to continue contributing to our economy and raising families without the fear of being separated from their children. That's why I'm joining @iAmericaAction in the fight for #DreamAndPromiseNow


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Watch and share stories

TPS holders and supporters bravely shared their stories about why a permanent solution is urgently needed. Share their stories on Facebook:

Perla Canales, TPS holder

Yatta Kiazolu, DED Holder and PhD Candidate at UCLA

Roxette Villegas, Registered Nurse

Lillian Cabral, Emergency Room Supervisor

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