Get ready to apply for the Deferred Action for Parents (DAPA) by collecting the different types of documents you can use as proof of identity and when you came to the United States and your residence in the country. 



Get ready to apply for DAPA by gathering a copy of an official document that proves your identity. You’ll just need 1 copy of one of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate with photo, or
  • Certified passport or National identity document from your country of origin, or
  • School or military ID with photo, or
  • Driver’s License or State ID with photo, or
  • Consular ID with photo, or
  • Employee ID with photo, or
  • Local union membership ID with photo, or
  • Any U.S. government immigration or other document bearing your name and photo.


Get ready to apply for the Deferred Action for Parents (DAPA) by collecting the different type of documents you can use as proof that you have lived in the United States since January 1, 2010.

  • Copies of envelopes addressed to you with postal date seal;
  • Records from unions confirming dates of membership;
  • Records from day-labor centers confirming presence;
  • School records from any U.S. school you attended;
  • Travel records;
  • Hospital, medical and dental records;
  • Records from religious organization confirming your presence at religious ceremonies;
  • Birth certificates of children born in the U.S.;
  • Birth certificates and green cards of children who are legal residents;
  • Computer print outs of bank activities;
  • Rent receipts, rental agreements or contracts, mortgages, or deeds;
  • Car registration and car or medical insurance policies;
  • Tax records or receipts;
  • Records from school district, teachers and child care providers stating presence of parents, participation in events;
  • Letters from coaches and teammates confirming dates of participation in sport events and teams;
  • Letters from businesses with dates appeared at stores, hair salons, laundromats;
  • Records from PTAs and other community organizations stating participation of parents;
  • Traffic and other citations;
  • Cell phone records;
  • Identification or membership cards issued by a health club, union, civic organization, bank, check cashing service, buyer's club (e.g., Costco, Sam's Club, etc.), health care insurer or health care provider with an issuance or expiration date;
  • Package delivery notices.