We are in the midst of the one of the most divisive, anti-immigrant and anti-family administrations in recent history. Undoubtedly, the November 2018 midterm election will be a crucial turning point for us all and for the issues that impact our families. Our voices must be heard and votes must be counted.

Register to Vote

Register to vote now! If you’re already registered, double-check that you are still eligible to vote. If you’ve moved, changed your name or political party, you must update your registration before the deadline.

The Candidates

Enough is enough. Come November 6, 2018, we must elect candidates that will stand up to Trump’s hateful agenda. We need leaders who value diversity, believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, will advocate for good, livable wages and will fight to put families first.

Take action now-- from your smartphone!

It's YOUR VOICE that your tías, hermanas and primos will listen too. Let's hold one another accountable. From getting people registered to vote to advocating for the candidate in your neighborhood-- we have apps and tools that make it easy for you! Check it out!