We know there's a lot of confusing news about the Texas lawsuit against the immigration action. So we're setting the record straight. Check out our two timelines below and a quick recap of the state of play.

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State of Play of the Lawsuit:

As you may have heard, the president’s deferred action initiatives have been temporarily blocked by an ultra-conservative Texas district judge. This is not a setback, but just a temporary bump on the road.

The U.S. Department of Justice is vigorously defending these immigration initiatives in the courts. The DOJ recently filed an emergency request with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New Orleans, LA, to allow the DACA expansion and DAPA go forward immediately.

Here is where the legal battle stands:

On March 24, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals set important deadlines in the Texas v. United States case. In a move that demonstrates just how seriously the court is taking this matter, the Court of Appeals scheduled an oral argument on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) request to lift the injunction against DAPA and expanded DACA during the appeal process. The oral argument took place on April 17 at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

The Court of Appeals did not issue a date when it will release its ruling. But, if the court grants the “stay” or request to lift the injunction, DAPA and DACA+ can go forward during the appeal process. If the "stay" is not granted, the appeal will go forward on an expedited track with the last brief to be filed on or around May 18.

The Court of Appeals also granted expedited processing of the appeal. The DOJ filed an appeal brief on March 30.

While we wait for the appeals court to decide, we will see legal maneuverings in the lower district court in South Texas, where the conservatives filed their lawsuit. In the meantime, keep getting ready by collecting your documents to prove your presence. Make no mistake, DAPA and DACA+ will prevail!