Mission Statement

iAmerica Action is proud to advocate, defend and fight for the rights of all American immigrant families by uniting, strengthening and activating their civic and democratic participation to inspire real change.

Who We Are

iAmerica Action, is a leading national immigrant rights organization for ALL families dedicated to building the power we need to fight for and win on the issues that make our communities strong; comprehensive immigration reform, racial justice, the Fight for $15, great education for our kids, and affordable healthcare, childcare and eldercare for all.

What We Do

iAmerica Action brings our community together to fight and win on the issues that will give our families the respect and dignity we deserve. Here’s how we do it:

  • Advocating for policies at the national, state and local levels that provide good jobs and opportunity for families from all walks of life
  • Increasing awareness in our community about the issues that impact our families
  • Fighting back against attacks on immigrants and our families
  • Encouraging our community to make their voice heard by voting and advocating on the issues our community cares about
  • Helping legal permanent residents become U.S. citizens and citizens that register to vote for our entire community