Our nation’s children should receive a good education – from early childhood through college and beyond. That’s why strengthening public schools and making college affordable is crucial not only to our children’s success, but also teachers’ ability to succeed in the classroom.

According to the Pew Research, minorities are expected to outnumber whites among the nation’s public school students. Since 1997, the number of Latinx students nearly doubled to 12.9 million, and the number of Asian and Pacific Islanders jumped 46% to 2.6 million. U.S.-born Latinx and API children rather than immigrant children drives most of the growth.

We have to ensure that our leaders don’t cut funding for public schools or try to diminish teachers’ ability to do their jobs by cutting their pay or eliminating resources and tools they need to educate our children.

We're calling on our leaders to support fully-funded free college and student debt forgiveness so that all students -- Black, brown or white -- have the opportunity to learn without being trapped in crushing debt.

Join iAmerica Action in calling out leaders at the local, state and national level to do more for children and teachers.


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