What We Stand For

When we come together we are unstoppable. United as one family, we have the power to change this country. We fight for the issues that make our families strong; comprehensive immigration reform, racial justice, the Fight for $15, great education for our kids, and affordable healthcare, childcare and eldercare for all.


The November 6, 2018 midterm election will be a turning point for us all and the issues that impact our families. Our voices and votes must be heard. You have a say in your family’s future. Your vote matters.

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

At the core of our fight is our commitment to winning commonsense immigration reform with a path to citizenship for the millions of immigrant families who have long called America their home.

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Racial Justice

We’re raising our voices to ensure all people’s rights are respected. Together, we’re fighting back against attempts to divide us based on where we come from or what we look like and demanding our elected leaders stand with all of us for a better economy and an inclusive democracy.

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Balanced Economy = Fight for $15

Our economy is out of balance, resulting in growing income inequality and economic injustice. It’s time that our nation strengthen our economy by putting families first and enacting policies that raise the minimum wage, pay people for the extra hours they put in at work and protect them from discrimination on the job.

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Quality, Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

Whether you are a young worker or a father of two, everyone should have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

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Educational Justice

Our nation’s children should receive a good education – that’s why strengthening public schools and making college affordable is crucial not only to our children’s success, but also teachers’ ability to succeed in the classroom.

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