No matter where we come from or what we look like, we all want to live in safe communities where our children thrive and everyone can work to make life better for future generations.

But today, certain politicians are shaming and blaming new immigrants and other communities of color to distract from their failed economic policies and huge giveaways to greedy corporations. They try to keep us fighting one another by pinning the blame for our country’s problems on families fleeing violence and hardship while they line the pockets of their corporate friends.

Together, we are building a movement to fight back against their attempts to divide us and we are raising our voices to demand an economy, a democracy and a nation that's for all of us.

It’s past time for this nation to live out its core values of freedom, dignity and respect for all. We can be a place where all people have rights and where we are all free from discrimination and injustice.

Join iAmerica Action as we build a government that works for all of us – white, black or brown – and not just the wealthy few.

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