We need change now— we can’t wait until 2020.

Whether you're already registered to vote or not eligible to vote in this election, you can still make a difference. YOU know that on November 6, we can elect a Congress that will stand up against Trump's divisive agenda. But do your friends and family know?

Radio spots, tv commercials and billboards have little affect. It's YOUR VOICE that your tías, hermanas and primos will listen too. Let's hold one another accountable.

From getting people registered to vote and getting them to the polls to advocating for the candidate in your neighborhood-- we have apps and tools that make it easy for you!

Take action right from your smartphone!

Who we vote for is private, but whether or not we vote is pubic information. VoteWithMe is a free app that'll tell you who from your contacts need an extra nudge from you to vote on November 6.

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Voterpal is a user-friendly downloadable application which allows anyone to help register their friends, family and community by scanning their driver’s licenses to fill out a voter registration form, taking the process down from 15 minutes to 2 minutes or less.

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Your video message can have a huge impact. We’re partnering with MoveOn to collect authentic, personal videos from iAmerica Action members just like you, because these sorts of videos have been found to be one of the most impactful ways to get out the vote.

Don't know who's on your ballot? Enter your address here then click "Democrat" to find a list of candidates you can talk about in your video.

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