The House-passed Dream and Promise Act would provide a roadmap to citizensip for over 3 million Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) holders, many of whom are essential workers keeping America running during the pandemic. Now, it's time for the Senate to act quickly to make this bill law.

Here are a few ways you can TAKE ACTION to protect families.

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  2. Call your senators
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Join the fight

Join us in urging your elected officials to provide permanent protection for Dreamers and people with temporary immigration status. Text DREAM to 802495.

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Call your senators

Tell the person answering the phone that you want your senator to support the Dream and Promise Act to provide Dreamers and people with TPS and DED permanent protection and a roadmap to citizenship: 1-888-204-8353

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Click-to-tweet to show your support

Show your support for the Dream and Promise Act. Tweet to your followers.

Treating people with dignity & keeping families together benefits the economy & our nation as a whole. Join me in fighting for permanent protections for Dreamers and people with TPS & DED #DreamAndPromiseNow @iAmericaorg

DACA recipient V.S. has lived her entire life in the U.S. She is a psychology graduate & provides in-language support services to domestic violence & sexual assault survivors. She cares for her 3 US citizen siblings. For V.S. & millions like her, #HomeIsHere.

Homecare worker M.R. came to the U.S. from El Salvador at 8 yrs old. #DACA has allowed him to work, providing care for an elderly man. In the evenings, he tutors his three U.S.-born siblings. For M.R. and millions like him, #HomeIsHere.

As a high school student, DACA allowed O.S. to do the same things his peers were doing like getting a summer job— it gave him confidence. Today he works at a NY hotel and is a proud green card holder. For O.S. and millions like him, #HomeIsHere.

Surgical technician I.T. was the first college graduate in her family. While #DACA has provided her with many opportunities, she lives in fear of being deported to a country she does not know. For I.T. and millions like her, #HomeIsHere

T.W., an orthopedic surgeon & former NFL player, was 3yo when he came to the U.S. with his family fleeing political unrest in Nigeria. #DACA allowed T.W. to achieve his medical career & remain with his wife. For T.W. and millions like him, #HomeIsHere.

For 20 years, janitorial supervisor E.M. has lived in the U.S. and contributed to his community. His wife and two U.S.-citizen children are the world to him. For E.M. and millions like him, #HomeIsHere.

F.G. was 4yrs old when he came to the U.S. DACA gave him a sense of confidence, allowed him to work and live life fully without the trauma of possible deportation. Today he is a green card holder and new father. #HomeIsHere

C.F. came to the U.S. from Mexico when he was just a 1yr old child. At 17, he learned he was undocumented. With #DACA he was able to get a steady job and a chance for a better future. For C.F. and millions like him, #HomeIsHere.

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Watch and share stories

TPS holders and supporters bravely shared their stories about why a permanent solution is urgently needed. Share their stories on Facebook:

Perla Canales, TPS holder

Yatta Kiazolu, DED Holder and PhD Candidate at UCLA

Roxette Villegas, Registered Nurse

Lillian Cabral, Emergency Room Supervisor

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