Update: The Trump Administration's Public Charge Rule is No longer in Effect!

What is “public charge”?
The “public charge” rule is a century old rule with a discriminatory history. Watch Rep. Lee explain the rule’s history here. The old rule would deny a person entry to the U.S. or from receiving a green card if they were deemed to need cash assistance.

What is Trump’s expanded “public charge” rule?
On August 14, 2019, the Trump Administration published its version of the “public charge” rule that would make it much harder for working class immigrants to receive a green card. The expanded rule would keep immigrants from getting a green card if they receive certain government  services, like healthcare, nutrition or housing.

This rule is an attack on working families and their right to vital services. It is an attack on Black, brown and Asian immigrants-- essentially saying: if you’re not of European ancestry and wealthy, you’re not welcome here.

Find the most updated information on public charge and ways to protect families at ProtectingImmigrantFamilies.org