People with TPS (Temporary Protected Status) have lived, worked and studied legally in the U.S. for years, some for decades. Without permanent protections from deportation, these valued members of our community could lose their jobs, homes, be kicked out of classrooms and separated from their loved ones. But Congress can stop that from happening.

Congress must pass legislation that will protect people with TPS and allow them to continue raising families and contributing to their communities and our economy.

YOU CAN HELP. Take action to protect families.

If you are a TPS holder, check out our resources and other immigration options.

Join the fight

Add your name to demand your elected officials protect people with TPS from deportation.

Call Congress

Tell your member of Congress to provide a path to citizenship for TPS holders. Call today: 1-888-204-8353

Tweet at your Representative

Pressure your representatives to pass protections for TPS holders now

Lookup your representative HERE.













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273,000 U.S.-born children of TPS holders could be torn from their parents or sent to a country they do not know and face life-threatening danger. Call 1-888-204-8353 & Tell Congress to act quickly & #ProtectTPS

illustration of children with text that says 273,000 US Citizen Children have parents with TPStwitter bird

People with TPS work in construction, hospitality, landscaping and childcare—they open businesses and own homes. The U.S. stands to lose billions if we lose them from our workforce. Congress must act quickly to #ProtectTPS holders.

text overlay on an image of currency that says $164 billion would be lost from US GDP over 10 years twitter bird


Click on the name of your representative below to tweet to them. Your tweet will look like this:

#ProtectTPS Holders

People with TPS have legally lived & worked in our state for years and contribute to our communities & economy. @REPHANDLE you MUST #ProtectTPS holders by passing a bill to allow them to stay & work here legally. [customized economic loss graphic in link below]

#ProtectTPS Holders' Children

Across our state, moms and dads with TPS must now make the heartbreaking choice of leaving their American children alone in the US or take them to a dangerous country they do not know. @REPHANDLE, do what’s right! Protect our future, #ProtectTPS holders! [customized children graphic inserted in link below]

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