iAmerica is proud to guide you in your journey to becoming a United States citizen. Get the key information you need to go through the naturalization process and find out if you qualify.


CITIZENSHIPWORKS: Use this free online tool that helps you apply for citizenship, step-by-step, in less time. It will tell you about any potential problems with your application and connect you to the expert help you need, either online or in person. Learn more about Citizenshipworks or Start your application now.

CITIZENSHIP LOAN: Is the $680 application fee holding you back from applying for U.S. citizenship? iAmerica has partnered with lenders to provide loans for people to pay their N-400 and related fees. Find out how to apply here.

CITIZENSHIP WORKBOOK: iAmerica's ultimate guide to make sure you qualify for U.S. citizenship, help you fill out your application properly, and include the right documentation in your packet to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Download this complete guide.




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iAmerica has compiled a few tools we found useful that can help you through naturalization. Here are some resources we found helpful:

Telemundo App: Examen de la Ciudadanía EEUU: This app helps you study for the 100 civics and history questions by providing translations and audio asked in the interview. It reads the questions out loud to you to help you prepare for the U.S. Citizenship exam.

USCIS 100 Civic Questions in English (audio): USCIS provides the questions and answers of the History and Civics exams.

USCIS 100 Civic Questions in Spanish (audio): USCIS provides the Spanish version of the History and Civics exam.

USCIS Flash Cards: Print out USCIS flash cards of all the questions of the History and Civics exam.

Find your Consulate: Find a consulate near you.