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Immigration will boost the US Economy by $7 trillion.

Immigration=a $7 trillion boost to the US economy over a decade, per @USCBO. Expanding legal pathways for people living in the US to work w/o fear of deportation enables them to support themselves, families, & communities, allowing for economic growth. #ImmigrantsAreEssential

1 in 3 care workers in an immigrant

Who will care for us as we age? Immigrants can help fill vital roles in the care industry. Providing work permits and an eventual pathway to citizenship enables them to continue supporting the economy and ensure our loved ones are cared for. #ImmigrantsAreEssential

Immigrants are essential

Immigrants, including undocumented workers, contribute billions in wages and taxes to the U.S. economy each year as healthcare workers, janitors, airport workers, and in many other essential roles. #ImmigrantsAreEssential

Immigrant justice voter

Like all workers, immigrants are essential to our families, communities, and economic growth. That’s why I’m supporting leaders who value these contributions and will fight with us so that all workers, no matter where we were born, have the opportunity to thrive. #WeDecide2024