iAmerica Immigrant Resources

Ressources pour les immigrants

Our mission is to ensure that every immigrant feels supported, informed, and empowered to thrive in their every day life.

From legal guidance and educational resources to connecting with fellow immigrants, we have a list of resources to guide you on the right path.

No matter where you come from or what obstacles you encounter, know that you’re not alone. Explore our resources, connect with our supportive community, and take the next step to reaching your goals.

Immigrant family with mother, father, 2 children, smiling at the camera

Connaître ses droits

All people in the U.S., regardless of immigration status, have rights under the U.S. Constitution and other laws.

Droits des travailleurs immigrés

Your rights as an immigrant worker.

Devenir citoyen américain

Get the key information you need to become a U.S. citizen and find out if you qualify.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

See if you qualify to apply for or renew your TPS.

Filières d'immigration

Learn about the different immigration pathways and find a path that’s right for you.

DACA Update

Current DACA holders can apply for extensions, even if your status has expired. However, no new DACA applications are being granted at this time.


Find an immigration attorney near you. Remember, don’t go to immigration court alone, and don’t rely on “notarios” or anyone else who isn’t licensed, makes false promises, or charges excessive fees.


Together, we’re fighting for new protections and policies that will empower all immigrant workers and strengthen our nation.